Time Management

1. Awareness Training
This one-day course will give the participant an in-depth understanding of the requirements of time management. The content of the standard will be discussed in detail. Lectures and group discussion methodology will be used to make this course interactive to get the desired learning outcomes.
2. Internal Auditing Training
Internal auditing of time management is a process that assesses the level of implementation and thus has become a great tool for improvement. This internal auditor course will be a blend of training sessions, exercises, and group discussions coupled with learning to achieve its objectives. The duration of this course will be two days.

Participants will be able
To understand the roles and responsibilities of an internal auditor
To plan, conduct, and report the audit
To understand the interpretation of time management
To understand the principles and practice of auditing.
Learning through case studies & and exercises
Time Management Requirements – Context, Leadership, Support, Operation, Performance &
Auditing principles
Roles and responsibilities of auditors
Planning an internal audit
Conducting an audit
Reporting audit results