Welcome To Biltehqeeq Center of Research, Sustainable Development & Innovation

At the Center for Research Management for Sustainable Development and Innovation, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable development and driving innovation through cutting-edge research. Our mission is to provide a platform that empowers researchers, organizations, and policymakers to collaborate, share knowledge, and implement solutions for a better future.

Sustainable Development

Balancing environmental, social, and economic needs for a better future.


Continuous pursuit of new ideas, methods, and technologies to drive positive change.

Global Collaboration

Uniting diverse stakeholders worldwide for collective action.

Inform policy

By providing evidence-based recommendations and solutions to promote sustainable development.

About Socially

Our Magazine

Welcome to our Research and Sustainability magazine, where we embark on a journey of discovery, knowledge, and sustainable living. In this publication, we aim to bridge the gap between scientific research and the urgent need for environmental stewardship.

Our magazine is a platform dedicated to exploring the latest research findings, innovative solutions, and impactful initiatives that strive to create a sustainable future for our planet. 

Our articles showcase the interconnectedness between nature, society, and the economy, highlighting for integrated.

What We Offer

Empowering Sustainable Development for a Better World.

Comprehensive support for research, collaboration, and implementation of sustainable development and innovation initiatives.

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We Provide the foundation for understanding ,development and implementation of national and International standards on research ,innovation and Sustainable development.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tool is Connect with fellow researchers, institutions, and industry partners through our collaborative platform. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, and drive innovation forward.

Workshops & Events

Stay informed about upcoming workshops, seminars, and conferences related to sustainable development and innovation. Our events foster networking and knowledge exchange.


In Networking and Collaboration , a foster networks and partnerships to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and joint initiatives for sustainable development and innovation.

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Our Services

Building a Sustainable Future through Innovative Solutions.

Management System Certification

Recognizing excellence in effective and compliant management systems globally.

Management System Certification

Recognizing excellence in effective and compliant management systems globally
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Training Courses

Enhancing skills and knowledge through comprehensive and practical training programs.

Teachers Training

Training school teachers in research management for sustainable development.

Translation Services

We can assist you in translating your documents and web translations from English to Urdu.

Grievance Mechanism

Our dedication to research and sustainable development empowers us to uncover the factors.


Validating expertise and achievement through recognized certification credentials.


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