Management System Certification

Recognizing excellence in effective and compliant management systems globally.

1-Research Management for Sustainable Development

Research Management for Sustainable development PS 5549 standard is to link the research efforts of an organization for its efforts towards sustainable development.It is a right time to give the research a chance to take role in all areas of your business operations. We can conduct the audit of your organization to evaluate your research management system for sustainable development.Our audit efforts will add value to your research management system towards sustainable development.

2-Innovation Management

ISO 56002 provides guidelines for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an innovation management system within an organization. While it is not a certification standard, organizations can use ISO 56002 to develop and assess their innovation management practices. Certification bodies may offer assessments and evaluations based on ISO 56002 as a way to verify an organization’s adherence to these guidelines.

3-Time Management

Time is the most important resource but unfortunately there is no National or International standard on it. We are working to develop a standard on Time management. However we have developed a criteria to check the time management system of your organization. Our team of experts will conduct the audit of your facility to identify the areas of improvement of your time management systems. It will be your very right
decision to invite us to save your most important resource